I'm Christian Stoyanov and I'm trying to solve problems while having fun.

Born and raised in Spain and now living in Ireland I'm a developer trying to learn as much as possible while having fun. I love solving problems and building products. Currently working at the developer workflows team at Contenful.

I started looking into programming while I was really into playing Minecraft. I was like 14 at the time and the bug to create mods for it bit me. That got me into Java an even though I didn't end up making anything cool I got my feet wet in the coding world.

I got into web development a couple of years later and got started with Python. Made some money making webs for friends and family and when I was 19 got a job as a Junior Developer at BMind, a marketing agency.

After that I've touched a bunch of languages and paradigms, from PHP (Laravel 😍) to Typescript (React and Node) passing by things like Solidity (yeah, I passed that crypto phase. Not sure if it's over tbh) and simulation engines for financials in Python. I really support the idea of using the right tool for the job so I don't enclose myself in a language. I'm proficient in PHP, Python and TypeScript and if I have to learn another one I wouldn't mind (Rust 🤔)